We’re not looking to pick a fight, as you get over obstacles by building bridges. But we’re sick of being dictated to.

We seek an end to dictatorial government, coercive legislation and empty promises. We envisage a Finland where everyone earns a living wage and can be proud of their work, free from fear, uncertainty and extortion, and not punished for unemployment.

Our votes in parliamentary elections will go to the candidates and parties that stand with us in defending our freedom. This means freedom to organise and bargain collectively, and influence over the laws that govern our workplaces.

We will vote for the candidates who work for a Finland where everyone can earn a living wage, free from the fear of arbitrary dismissal. Our elected representatives will not seek to impose solutions by coercive legislation or austerity measures, but by consensus.


What’s going on?


The Nation of the Free is a parliamentary election campaign that is channelling the enthusiasm of volunteers and supporters to change the direction of Finnish politics. The campaign was launched by young labour movement activists in September 2018, seeking to build a popular movement and galvanise people to vote for the campaign’s values and goals. We trust in the power of direct human contact, encouraging campaign supporters to engage in tens of thousands of pre-election conversations at workplaces, on the streets, from door to door and by telephone.

Our read about the values of the Nation of the Free from here.

Where did the name come?


The Nation of the Free opposes the regime of coercion. We seek a government that does not dictate, extort and enact coercive laws. We think that freedom means an adequate livelihood and the right to speak our mind. Freedom is not the right of the strong to subjugate the weak, but the security and opportunity to plan our future lives.

How do I get involved?


By joining as a supporter. Supporters subscribe to our values and promise to vote accordingly. Besides promising to vote, we want as many people as possible to get active, inviting friends to become supporters, serving as online activists, taking part in campaign events, or playing a bigger role and organising activities of their own.

You may register here to become a supporter.

Who represents the Nation of the Free?


This is an activists’ campaign led by activists. Media enquiries may be e-mailed to kampanja@vapaidenvaltakunta.fi.

Some trade unions are also backing the campaign by providing financial and other assistance. In the initial campaign stages these unions have already included AKT, JHL, PAM, the Electrical Workers’ Union and the Industrial Union. Please contact kampanja@vapaidenvaltakunta.fi if your association or trade union would like to get behind the campaign.

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