Our values

1. Freedom

As campaign supporters we insist that freedom is not the right of the strong to subjugate the weak, but the security and opportunity to plan our future lives.

It is not freedom of the market, but the freedom to live independent lives, to educate ourselves and to choose our work. Freedom is not about locally bargaining down the terms and conditions of work, but about an adequate livelihood, good health services and the right to express our own views.

2. Democracy

While voting is a crucial way of exerting influence in a democracy, we do not regard this as the only way. Democracy is the broader right of citizens to influence and campaign for the things that we consider important, both at election times and between elections. Freedom of opinion, the right to strike and the freedom to organise are ways of exercising our democratic rights.

3. The right to vote

Campaign supporters insist that voting must matter. Casting a vote is an expression of opinion that supports the elected candidates when they represent our common values in the decision-making process.

4. Respect

Campaign supporters insist that we are an important part of this society and may not be dismissed as a cost item on some balance sheet. We are entitled to respect and equitable treatment. We also insist that others must always enjoy this right. The campaign rejects all forms of discrimination and hate speech.

5. Agreement

This campaign supports bargaining as a way of life. We insist that organised employees must be entitled to defend their interests by bargaining collectively, with the right to participate in decision-making at workplaces.



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